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During a distinguished 20-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, founder Terry Burrows decided to open a small skate sharpening business in his spare time. An avid hockey goalie that played on as many as 3 different teams during the hockey season, he could never find reliable and consistent skate sharpening services.

With that in mind, in 1999 Terry opened a small skate sharpening service out of the Edmonton Garrison in Namao, Alberta. Three years later, he became a Maximum Edge® member, trained by Bob Allen from Maximum Edge® in Windsor ON.

Rapidly growing into a consistent and professional skate sharpening service in Edmonton and Area, Bladz Skate Shop quickly expanded and today we have 9 locations across Canada.

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Get Your Skates Sharpened At One Of Our 9 Locations Across Canada.

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Buy Replacement Steel For Your Skates And Have It Shipped Right To Your Home.

Bladz Skate Shop

Bladz Skate Shop is a full service skate sharpening and maintenance service provider with 9 locations throughout Alberta, Ontario and BC.  We are also a member of Maximum Edge®, a skate-sharpening supplier to the NHL.

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